IT Services

Your IT System is essential for the operation of your company.  We can take the weight off your shoulders, so you can focus on your core business, whilst getting a higher return on investment.  Give us a shout to see how we can help you manage your IT function better through our IT Services.

IT Solutions

No business is the same. InterTek Labs can help you choose the IT Solution that is right for your business.

IT Consultancy

Your IT choices are vital for your business.  Wrong choices can be costly.  InterTek Labs can assist you focus on the right solutions, by offering their services as IT Consultants.


InterTek Labs Malta is a market leader in the provision of Networking services in Malta.  We can help you select the right network solution for your organisation.


Networking (computer network), allows communication between machines for the transfer of data. There are a number of network technology options that are available.   Intertek is a market leader in the provision of networking solutions in malta.

IT Services

We at Intertek Labs Malta have built our business on offering customised IT services to our clients, whilst delivering effectively, within agreed time frames and cost effectively.

IT Consultancy

We at InterTek Labs Malta, have a proven record of offering technical, IT and ICT solutions to improve company operations.  As IT Consultancy our services tailored to your requirements..

IT Solutions

We at InterTek Labs Malta, have a proven record of offering technical solutions to improve company operations. Our ICT and IT solutions are tailored to your requirements

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InterTek Labs offers a host of IT Services, IT Solutions, VoIP SolutionsCloud Backups  and Network related services. Based in Malta, we are backed over 20 years of success, highly trained staff and leading brands.
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