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Intertek Labs named 3CX Gold Partner

Intertek Laboratories has recently been named a 3CX Gold Partner.  This acknowledges the service and experience we have in offering 3CX IP PBX systems.  3CX is one of the leading brands in the provision of software based IP PBX software. This certification highlights...

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WiFi vs Ethernet Network

There is an increasing demand for network connectivity all around us and in the home. We have an increasing number of devices and appliances that now need to be connected to a network in some way. When considering getting network connectivity in the home one challenge...

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Outsourcing network management

The two key approaches to manage outsourcing—each one of which can benefit affiliations defying outrageous cash related conditions. Regardless, the outsourcing firm can buy an association's present information structures and framework assets and lease them back to the...

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Kaspersky Labs open Transparency Centre in Switzerland

Kaspersky Labs are global leaders in the fight against cyber threats. In order to offer a better service Kaspersky have decided to switch their assembly line to Zurich in Switzerland. The assembly line is where the compilation and creation of products, as well as...

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Best Practices For Planning And Managing Disaster Recovery

No matter how much governments invest in trying to minimise disasters these are occurrences that cannot be controlled.  The next emergency could create havoc for your business unless you have a proper disaster recovery system in place. A disaster can be a number of...

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Advantages Of Outsourcing Your IT Malta

Outsourcing of IT Functions has always been a point of discussion in various organisations.  In Malta were most businesses are Small to Medium (SMEs) this discussion takes a more central point. To start with the fundamental reason small to...

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Steps To Successfully Implement GDPR

10 phases to successfully complete GDPR Tic, tac, tic, tac: the clock doesn't stop and the new Wide Control of Data Protection (GDPR) is in that spot! Associations must be set up to get the new law in like way and certification that they fit in with each legitimate...

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Cat 8 Ethernet Cable: What is it and When is it out?

  The next network cable standard: The Cat 8 In previous articles we have written about the differences between the different network cable standards.  The most recent standard which is currently commercially available is Cat 7. However Cat 8 (category 8) is the...

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